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Welcome to Michele David Fine Art

Since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art, Michele David's work has developed a unique character, bringing a fresh outlook to the concept of landscape painting.

Her abstracted images of organic forms found within coastal, desert and volcanic environments offer a deeply personal and intuitive interpretation of the natural world. A different viewpoint is provided by her aerial paintings, which focus on shapes, patterns and textures from a rarely seen perspective. The urban landscape also features within Michele's subjects, where themes of erosion, destruction and renewal are shown within an urban context. The balance between man and nature is constantly shifting, yet ultimately mother nature has control.

Winning several major awards has enabled Michele to travel to places as far afield as New Zealand, Shetland, USA and India. From the coastlines of Scotland to the volcanic regions of Indonesia and Hawaii, Michele captures the drama of nature's forces at work while retaining a gentle intimacy with her subject.

Recent Work...

All work displayed throughout the website is for sale.